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Entry List

Dorney Lake Triathlon – Wednesday 31st May

Search for your name in the filter to the right.

Registration opens at 5:00pm


You will be required to give the name you used to sign up to the event online. If you are a BTF member you will also need to present your membership card. In exchange, you will be given a white envelope with your race number on it. This will include:

• 2 race numbers. A number must be worn visibly on your front for the run and on your back during the bike. The numbers can be
pinned to a top or if using a race belt a single number can be rotated from the front to the back.
• 2 numbered labels (one for the front of your helmet and one for the top tube of your bike).
• You will also receive a timing chip with an ankle strap (This must be strapped to your LEFT ankle) and a Swim hat corresponding with your wave start.
Additional safety pins will be available at registration if required.

You will be asked to write your race number on the back of your left hand with a large black marker. This is an important safety activity in case of an emergency situation in the swim.

If you have any issues, contact us at [email protected] See you there 🙂

Last updated:  26/05/2023

First NameLast NameEventGenderClub
ChrisAlderSprint Tri Male
JennyAlexanderSprint Tri FemaleDavid Lloyd
JayAllenSprint Tri Male
EstebanAlvarezSuper Sprint TriMale
PhilipAmosSuper Sprint TriMale
MylesAndersonSprint Tri Male
RobArglesSprint Tri MaleFul-on Tri
ShivamAroraSprint Tri Male
BenAspinallSprint Tri Male
OlivierBailletSprint aquabikeMaleClapham Chasers
AlietteBalaySprint Tri Female
JackBaldwinSprint Tri Male
SophieBamberSuper Sprint TriFemale
LauraBanksSuper Sprint TriFemaleCupcake Cartel
BradleyBarnettSprint Tri Male
IlyaBelyaevSprint Tri Male
JamesBloomfieldSuper Sprint TriMale
EleanorBrandonSuper Sprint TriFemale
XanderBriceSprint Tri Male
DorotaBrynkiewiczSuper Sprint TriFemaleHusaria Race Team UK
GarethBuchnerSprint Tri Male
AndrewBullinghamSprint Tri Male
KurtClarenceSprint Tri Male
Richard Clarke Sprint Tri Male
ScottClaydonSprint Tri Male
JarrydClaydon-folleySuper Sprint TriMaleTri Training Harder
AlexCleanthiSuper Sprint TriMale
JoshColstonSprint Tri MaleThames Valley Triathletes
Liam "LM2C"CooneySprint Tri Male
StephenCoxSprint Tri Male
DebbieCroydonSuper Sprint TriFemaleSoul Swimmers
HayleyDaltonSuper Sprint TriFemale
JenniferDavisSprint Tri Female
HannahDavisSprint Tri Female
SarahDe MulSprint Tri Female
TimDeakinSprint Tri MaleTotal Triathlon Training
SaraDeakinSprint Tri FemaleTotal Triathlon Training
ChrisDebonnaireSprint Tri MaleLondon Fields Tri Club
HansDhargalkarSprint Tri Male
JoanneDonocikSprint aquabikeFemale
DavidDyerSprint Tri MaleBerkshire Tri Squad
SimonEasterSprint Tri Male
NickEdwardsSprint aquabikeMale
DanielEdwardsSprint Tri Male
Chris ErasmusSprint Tri Male
JonathanEvansSprint Tri Male
LouisaEwingSprint Tri Female
DerekFarrSprint Tri Male
CliveFerrisSuper Sprint TriMale
JustinFlackSprint Tri MaleOptima Racing Team
Rory ForbesSuper Sprint TriMaleMillfield School
HayleyFrostSprint Tri Female
GrantFryerSuper Sprint TriMaleFarnham Tri
RamiFustokSprint Tri Male
RutujaGandhiSuper Sprint TriFemale
MarkGeorgeSuper Sprint TriMale3cTri
SteveGillSprint Tri Male
KateGillespieSprint Tri FemaleLoughton Tri Club
MikeGraySprint Tri Male
MackGrenfellSprint Tri Male
SaraGuySprint Tri Female
JeremyHallSprint Tri MaleT3 Triathlon
KendraHallSprint Tri FemaleT3 Triathlon
ThomasHallSprint aquabikeMale
ClaireHamerSprint aquabikeFemale
CharlotteHamsonSprint Tri Female
KeithHardySprint Tri Male
ChristineHarrisSprint Tri FemaleEVO Triathlon Club
AlexisHindleSprint Tri Male
CharlesHollingdaleSuper Sprint TriMale
JackHortonSprint Tri Male
JohnHoviusSuper Sprint TriMaleEvesham vale triathletes
PhilHowardSprint Tri Male
KallieHughesSprint Tri MaleT3 Triathlon
ZoeHughesSprint Tri FemaleOptima Racing Team / Viceroys
BronwynHumphrysSuper Sprint TriFemaleEvesham vale triathletes
JamieInsoleSprint Tri Male
DarenIsmaySprint Tri Male
StephenJefferiesSprint Tri Male
EdwardJohnSprint Tri MaleKitKatSwimKlub
JessicaJohnSprint aquabikeFemaleKitKatSwimKlub
AnthonyJonesSprint Tri Male
SaraLa BouchardiereSprint Tri FemaleClapham chasers
JoshLadlowSuper Sprint TriMaleEvo Tri
AnneLavandonSprint Tri Female
SarahLebrechtSprint Tri Female
AnthonyLeeSprint Tri MaleSerpentine Running Club
AnnetteLeeSprint Tri FemaleZone3
AlanLightfootSprint Tri MaleThames Turbo
NathalieLimonSprint Tri Female
RyanLintottSprint Tri Male
JulieLyonsSprint Tri Female
EnyaLyonsSprint Tri Female
RichardMaySprint Tri Male
AlexanderMcGuiganSuper Sprint TriMaleCrystal Palace Triathletes
jonathanmillerSprint aquabikeMale
ScottMitchellSprint Tri MaleClapham Chasers
GeorgeMitchellSprint Tri Male
PoppyMitchellSprint Tri FemaleOptima Racing Team
DarceyMitchellSuper Sprint TriFemaleEpsom & Ewell Harriers
SamMooreSprint Tri Male
MatthewMortonSprint Tri Male
RebeccaMuttramSuper Sprint TriFemale
BenNieldSprint Tri MaleClayton-le-Moors Harriers
MalcolmNisbetSprint Tri Male
MinkaNybergStandard TriMaleSerpentine
ShaneO'HareSuper Sprint TriMale
JohnOgradySprint Tri MaleChiltern Tri
LaurenOwensSprint Tri FemaleBedford Harriers AC
DanielPaddonSprint Tri Male
RichardPayneSprint Tri Male
LiviuPlesuSprint Tri Male
jamiepriceSprint Tri Male
PaulPriestleySprint Tri MaleOxford Tri
AmyPritchardSuper Sprint TriFemaleTri London
SamPuckleSuper Sprint TriMale
JohnQuartermainSuper Sprint TriMale
RachelQuinlanSprint Tri Female
MikeReedSprint Tri Male
DafyddReesSuper Sprint TriMale
MartynRennieSprint Tri Male
KevinRichardsSprint Tri Male
SimonRiddleSprint Tri MaleTotal Tri Training
CarolineRobertsSprint Tri FemaleFarnham Triathlon Club
AlasdairRobertsSuper Sprint TriMale
PeteRobinsSprint Tri Male
PaulRoseSprint Tri Male
MikeRowlandSprint Tri Male
JosephSanders earleySprint Tri Male
JamesSaundersSprint Tri Male
KellySayersSprint Tri Female
LEIGHSCHVARTZSprint Tri MaleOxford Tri
TabithaShawSprint Tri FemaleEvo Tri Club
Keira RhianneShawSuper Sprint TriFemaleWalden Tri
OliverShearsSuper Sprint TriMale
MarianneSimmondsSprint Tri Female
LouisSimoSprint Tri Male
PatrickSixsmithSprint Tri Male
RishiSolanSprint Tri Male
DanSpiceSprint Tri Male
FionaSpulerSprint Tri Female
GeorgeStannettSprint Tri Male
MaryStevensonSprint Tri Female
BarrySTONESprint Tri Male
AlexStylesSprint Tri Male
HugoSugdenSprint Tri Male
OliverTeenanSprint Tri MaleFull-on Tri
SamThorntonSuper Sprint TriFemale
HelenTorrySprint Tri FemaleICU Liberty Singers!
paweltraczykSprint Tri Male
Raymond RussellTuitelSuper Sprint TriMale
AlexanderTurnerSprint Tri Male
AdamUnderhillSprint Tri Male
PatrickUnwinSprint Tri Male
JackUptonSprint Tri Male
KevinWaldenSprint Tri MaleTri-Force St Albans
OliviaWalkerSprint Tri Female
TimothyWardSprint Tri Male
LeanneWenhamSuper Sprint TriFemale
CarysWestcottSuper Sprint TriFemale
Amelia WigginSprint aquabikeFemale
PeterWildStandard TriMaleSerpentine
BiancaWilliamsSuper Sprint TriFemale
SarahWilsonSuper Sprint TriFemale
JeremyWongSprint Tri Male
TomWoodSuper Sprint TriMaleChelmsford Triathlon Club
TarinWoodsSuper Sprint TriFemale
JonWorcesterSprint Tri Male
BethYoungSuper Sprint TriFemale